Design Options

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you.

  • Pick one of the designs we offer
  • Pick one and tweak (minor or major) to suit your needs. We are happy to help with this.
  • Work with our designers to create a custom design.
  • Other plans. If you have a photo, plan from a book or internet, we can start with that to perfect a design.

Package Inclusions

As you browse though the designs on the website you will see two pricing options: Materials Package and Turn Key. These turn key prices are intended to give a general idea of cost but of course can vary based on your choices about finishes in your new home. These turn key prices are a guideline and not fixed in stone.

Here is what the material package is based on. The turn key pricing contemplates mid grade finishes.

Waters Edge Leisure Living Ltd. Package Specifications

Structure Support

Steel posts complete with metal bearing plate top and bottom or Structural Composite Lumber (Engineered) posts as load requires.

Floor Beams

Structural Composite Lumber (Engineered) as indicated on plan.

Floor Joists

High performance, engineered wood structural framing members including blocking and bracing as required by design. Sill plates supplied as dimensional lumber including foam gasket.

Metal Hangers & Mechanical Connectors

For all required applications.


Material supplied for interior construction grade stairs.

Basement Furrings Walls & Insulation

Moisture control barrier, R10 rigid mineral wool insulation sheathing board, R14 mineral fibre insulation batts, 2″ x 4″ S.P.F. grade stamped, kiln dried studs spaced at 24″ on centre with single top and bottom plate, and a variable-permeability smart vapour retarder.

Floor Sheathing

3/4” T & G standard plywood or 3/4” T & G oriented strand board (OSB), approved subfloor adhesive supplied.

Exterior Wall Framing

2″ x 6″ S.P.F. grade stamped, kiln dried studs spaced 16″ on centre with 2″ x 6″ double top and single bottom plates, 7/16″ OSB exterior sheathing, minimum 2 ply 2″ x 10″ S.P.F. lintels – grade stamped, kiln dried lumber. Tall walls may include Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) studs and lintels to meet required standards of construction.

Pony (Knee) Wall Framing

Supplied on split level, bi-level and grade level entry plans (basement walkouts) where indicated on plans to include 2″ x 6″ S.P.F. grade stamped, kiln dried studs spaced at 16” on centre with 2″ x 6″ double top and single bottom plate with 7/16” OSB exterior sheathing.

Interior Walls

2″ x 4″ S.P.F. grade stamped, kiln dried studs spaced 16” on centre with 2″ x 4″ double top and single bottom plates. 2″ x 6″ material supplied for plumbing and bearing walls as indicated on plans.

Roof Sheathing

1/2″ standard plywood with ply clips.

Roof System

Engineered, factory assembled, raised heel trusses with metal connectors. Trusses spaced at 24″ on centre. Includes gable end sheathing, miscellaneous framing and gable ladder material. Additional dimensional roof framing lumber included where required. Standard design specifications of trusses are 45lb. live load and 15 lb. dead load. Increased snow load may require modifications and additional charges.

Roof Finish

Limited lifetime architectural fibreglass shingles in selected styles and colours (IKO Cambridge, BP Mystique, or equivalent), pre-finished metal starter for roof perimeter, pre-finished metal for valleys, ice and water shield for eaves and valleys, synthetic underlayment for balance of roof, and all necessary flashings and accessories.


High quality, white vinyl casement, energy efficient dual pane thermal glazed windows, including Low-E coating and argon gas. All units include jamb extensions and nailing fins, plus all necessary hardware and screens. All sealed units carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Windows supplied in pony walls and basement walkout walls as indicated on plan. Single hung and/or sliding windows will be supplied where shown on plan. All windows carry the Energy Star label.

Soffit and Fascia

Pre-finished aluminum complete with all accessories.

Vinyl Siding

Premium gauge thickness in selected colours supplied for full exterior coverage, complete with trims. Strapping included to provide a drainage plane behind the siding.

Exterior Weather Barrier System

House wrap air barrier and header wrap complete with window flashings, door flashings, and sealant tape.

Caulking & Sealants

Supplied for sealing exterior wall plates, doors, windows and other applications as required.

Ceiling Insulation

Minimum R-60 insulation in flat attic ceilings. Insulation in cathedral, sloped or vaulted ceilings will be supplied as specified on plan (minimum R-31 batts).

Exterior Wall Insulation

R5 continuous insulation, R-22 batt insulation supplied for all exterior walls including pony walls. R5 expanding foam spray insulation for rim boards at the joist ends. Low expansion foam insulation for door and window installations. NOTE: Insulation requirements may vary due to local conditions.

Vapour Barrier/Retarder

6 mil polyethylene vapour barrier (CGSB approved) supplied with acoustical sealant.


Supplied for above grade applications. 1/2″ drywall for walls, and 1/2” sag resistant drywall for ceilings, complete with sufficient screws, tape, joint filler and metal corner bead. Moisture resistant drywall included for all bathrooms.

Primer Paint

Supplied for coverage of all drywall.

Entrance Doors

Supplied as per plan including lites, sidelites, and transoms. Lites are plain glass thermal units. All units are prehung and ready for installation.

Interior Doors

Embossed, primed swing doors in selected profiles complete with jamb and stop. Matching bi-fold doors complete with jamb for closets, pocket doors included where indicated on plan.

Interior Trim

4″ primed MDF baseboards and 2-3/4” primed MDF casings.


Coated wire shelving with integral hanging rod.


Sufficient for framing, roofing and finishing. Pneumatic and standard nails included.

Door Locks and Hardware

Premium quality locks and passage sets supplied throughout. All exterior swing doors include dead bolt assemblies. Grip set provided for front entrance door. Interior door stops supplied. Door locks and hardware come with a Manufacturers’ Warranty.


Roof vents, gable vents, insulation stops, and vented soffit. Continuous ridge vents supplied on cathedral ceilings.

Decks and Porches

Where wood frame porches are shown materials include pressure treated beams, joists, decking, columns and stairs. Concrete porches include pressure treated columns. Concrete not included. Porches and decks include aluminum alloy railings, balusters and posts. Screen porches where shown include pre-manufactured screen units with vinyl pane windows. All decks are optional and priced separately.

Garage Packages

All necessary framing materials for construction of garage included -2”x 4” S.P.F. grade stamped framing material at 16” on centre, 7/16” OSB exterior wall sheathing, engineered truss system 24” on centre, (standard design specifications of trusses are 45lb. live load and 15 lb. dead load. Increased snow load may require modifications and additional charges), 1/2” plywood roof sheathing, limited lifetime standard architectural fibreglass shingles (IKO Cambridge, BP Mystique, or equivalent) in selected colours, pre-finished metal starter for roof perimeter, pre-finished metal for valleys, ice and water shield for eaves and valleys, synthetic underlayment for balance of roof, and all necessary flashings and accessories, exterior weather barrier system, vinyl siding and accessories. 1/2” drywall supplied for walls and 5/8” drywall, 1/2” drywall and strapping, or 1/2” sag resistant drywall for ceiling, complete with sufficient screws, tape and joint filler. Minimum R-5 continuous insulation supplied for all exterior walls. Minimum R-20 batt insulation supplied for ceilings. Windows and swing doors as shown on plan, R16 insulated sectional overhead steel door (door lites are optional and priced separately), prefinished soffit and fascia. Note: Some models show optional garage packages that are priced separately.

Ten complete sets of professional, top quality Home Building Centre blueprints

Provided by our in-house Architectural Solutions Group, (BCIN certified in Ontario). Note: Plans are included as part of all Beaver Home and Cottage and are not available separately.

Builders Risk Insurance

is included with every Beaver Home or Cottage Material Package. Basic policy covers up to $500,000 of construction value ($600,000 in Alberta) and $2,000,000 of liability coverage.
Specifications are in accordance with National Building Code requirements. Insulation may have to be upgraded for electrically heated homes and for homes located in regions that have 5000 or more heating degree days. Changes to conform to provincial and municipal by-laws may be required. Contact your Beaver Home & Cottage Design Consultant for more information.


Always ask your Waters Edge Leisure Living Consultant for the most current specifications and for product details.

Note:The renderings on this site are artists’ impressions. They may show certain exterior finishes, decorative treatments, decks, railings, garages, decorative chimneys, fireplaces, masonry, skylights, interior finished stairs, railings and balusters, finished flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, or other optional items, which may not be included in our material package price. Ask your Waters Edge Leisure Living Consultant for details.

Exterior Finishes

The product supplied for the exterior wall finish on all Beaver Home and Cottage Material Packages is premium gauge thickness vinyl siding in selected colours. An additional charge may apply if changed to other exterior finishes.

Package Exclusions

Due to variance from site to site the following items are not included and will be priced specific to your home site:

  • Excavation and site work
  • Well
  • Septic
  • Building Permit
  • Landscaping
  • Foundation and basement
  • Kitchen Appliances – fridge, stove, dishwasher, over-the-range microwave, washer, dryer
  • New Home Warranty is optional
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